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The Workplace Youth Initiative

TWYI is a registered NGO founded by The Workplace Centre Limited and was born out of the desire to bridge the skills gap between youths and the Workplace as well to reduce unemployment, hence our unique name “The Workplace Youth Initiative”, (TWYI).
We give the power of knowledge and productivity to the youth, to influnce their community
TWYI is a hub for the development of skills that gurantees relevance in the global work place.
We create internship opportunities to support the growth of future innovators
We create entrepreneurship engagements with the right challenges that fine-tunes our future leaders

Welcome to TWYI

In almost three years before The Workplace Youth Initiative was officially registered, the team has been doing CSR projects where we have been able to make a positive impact in the lives of youths; ranging from free webinars on Google hangout, ICT and soft skills training for underprivileged teens as well as training youths, interns, young graduates and entrepreneurs for free, all of which have become success stories.

Our commitment to young people is what motivated us to develop more initiatives that will help reduce unemployment in the country.

Our success stories exist because we are different. The Workplace Youth Initiative sees everyone we come across as partners, hence your success is our success, and the Nation’s growth is our growth.

Youth Capacity Building

Skills Development

We provide training opportunities in technology that empowers the youth to innovate and create wealth in globaly market.

Work placements | Internships

Our internship program is designed to prepare and empower fresh graduates with the right mindset for realtime workplace culture.

Leadership Development and Mentoring

We believe there's more to just having skills; We nurture and monitor youths with the right motivation to grow their leadership acumen.

Community Engagement

From time to time we engage with the communities, to understand needs and gaps that needs to be addressed and developed

Relational Follow up system

We have a Short- and Long-Term Lead Follow-Up System design to keep us on track with all prospect or youths that has gone through our system

Employment Opportunity

with our various partners and associates, we can provide up-to-date information on opportunities and relevant training needed to develop career for our prospects.

Contact Us

Contact Info

No 8 Maduike St., Off Awolowo Road
Off Awolowo Road, South West Ikoyi Lagos – Nigeria
Lagos – Nigeria

+234 (706) 797 7526

+234 1-342-7904