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5 things you should NEVER Post on Social media

5 things you should NEVER Post on Social media

5 things you should NEVER Post on Social media

Social media can be such a fun and volatile place all at the same time. It can be an exciting platform that will grant you the opportunity to reach your loved ones and potential clients, but it can also be a platform that can be severely detrimental to your reputation and by extension your career.

You can enjoy all the benefits of social media if you play by safe and don’t share things that would affect your future.

Here are some of those things!


By all standards this one is totally wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s a trending challenge that feels cool, a dare by a friend or just a photo you love, posting nudity can sabotage your reputation in future. Also, on profanity, talking decently is cool too 😎 You don’t have to use profane words to express yourself online even if you’re angry.


This point can be a bit sensitive because some people have really been through some things with some employers. Well, some people may disagree but the best practice is to be neutral about your employer online regardless of your experiences.

Going online to say terrible things about your employ may initially sound like ‘calling them out’ but it may soon become counterproductive as it could position you as a person who is only able to deal with issues from a chaotic point of view rather than a solution seeking point of view.

If you need to seek help due to any kind of mental health impact from the job or just need to let out some steam, you should meet a specialist 🤷🏽‍♀️


It may seem trendy and glamorous to give details about your location (planned or present) online but it is one of the biggest security risks you can ever expose yourself to.

It is never a good idea to give explicit details about travel plans, visitations etc. as it can be leveraged as information by people with criminal tendencies.

Remember that we also share the internet space (social media) with morally bankrupt individuals and criminals who will not slip up any opportunity to make personal gain from hurting you.


Don’t be too ‘woke’ to realize how detrimental a content about you participating in something illegal can affect you and your career. Even just plainly bullying people in the name of being ‘savage’ can be quite distasteful and may affect your reputation in your career or business. Don’t do it!


This is both lethal and terrible. In summary, DO NOT share anything you can’t verify. Someone can get hurt because of you!

As you build your career or business, bear in mind that reputation is very important in your growth process and also in your ability to access opportunities.

As the Bible says “A good name is better than silver or gold”.

Be wise!


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